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World Dance Alchemy

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Do your body and soul long to get away this winter to a tropical Goddess oasis with white sand beaches, rainforest, waterfalls and a magical, moving, transformational experience?

Come be our guest at beautiful Casa Musa, my temple home of Goddess and Dance retreats since 2010. Situated in beautiful Camburi on the São Paulo coast, the house is well-appointed for comfort, introspection and inspiration, and has housed numerous transformational retreats merging Goddess consciousness and Priestess Arts such as sacred dance, ritual, Goddess-crafting, and Goddess photography portraiture.

A spacious great room houses our retreat temple-space, while guest rooms are tucked away in their own unique spaces. A tropical veranda, pool and patio provide private nooks for quiet time, while the footpath leads to a nearby river and waterfalls. (Join and get a closer look at the house and its natural setting)

At Casa Musa retreats, we take care of you from start to finish! We'll pick you up at the airport and whisk you away to paradise, where you will enjoy a variety of home-made vegetarian and vegan delicacies made by my husband Thomas along with ample options to enjoy local culture and cuisine.

Our weeklong immersion into the Mothers of Water will feature a series of workshops, rituals and in-nature experiences over the weekend of February 2, the Holy Day of Iemanjá, Afro-Brazilian Goddess of the Seven Seas.
A study of images and lore about Iemanjá and Oxum, Goddess of love and waterfalls is brought to life through Prayerformance workshops based on Isadora Duncan's Universal Dance principles and Water Repertory.

As we craft our dance offerings to the Goddesses, we will also work with the transformational properties of water at the beaches and waterfalls of this region. We will make our dance and physical offerings to Her at the beach on the 2nd of February, accompanied by Brazilian sisters who participate in my work. We'll follow up with a private waterfall ritual to Oxum the next day.
As always, our retreats culminate with Goddess Photography, so that you take home treasure images of YOU embodying Her in Her natural setting!

So, if you've been curious about Brazil and experiencing Goddess in this unique tropical paradise, this is your perfect opportunity!
- Escape winter in the tropics
- Commune with like-minded sisters in a magical setting
- Get to know the Mothers of Water through Sophia's unique path of Prayerformance
- Rebirth your creativity and deepen your connection with Goddess
- Connect with Brazilian sisters

For a full itinerary and package cost, please email me at
This is an auspicious time to visit Brazil as the exchange rates are highly favorable to foreign visitors!

Inspiration Abounds! 

I am honored to announce my participation as lead choreograper in "Priestess - A Stage Production" - a collaboration with the visionary Deonesea La Fey, Cyrise Beatty Schacter, Loraia Ward and chorus members.  An artistic look at the Priestess Paths of three real women (me, included), Priestess will be an inspirational immersion into contemporary Goddess devotion.  Watch the video to learn more! 

Recent International Work

Crete, October 2022


October 22-27 "Priestess Convocation"

Honoring the mythos of Ariadne and the Labyrinth, I will embody the roles of Ariadne and the Lady of the Wild Things through Dance Prayerformance in the sacred drama "Quintessence in Crete". 


Collaborating with international sisters brought together by Priestess Yeshe, we will lead an immersive ceremony dedicated to "Healing the Witch Wound". Re-membering, Acknowledging, Alchemizing.  Learn more:

October 12-22 - "Delphic Dance"

Together with Priestess Yeshe of the Mt. Shasta Goddess Temple and international sisters, I will visit the sacred sites of ancient Athens, Eleusis, and Delphi to honor the lineage of Wise Women who came before us. In addition to leading Prayerformance workshops dedicated to the Delphic Maxims during this year to prepare us for Delphi, I will teach my Nine Muses Workshop "Processional of the Muses" in Delphi. Learn more:

Delphi, October 2022



In “Inspired Embodiment” on Saturday, August 13, I  join Deonesea la Fey to offer a two-part reactivation of our connection to the Force of Inspiration!  I will open “Inspired Embodiment” with "Processional of the Muses", a very special workshop inviting the Nine Muses of antiquity to visit and inspire us. This is a great opportunity to experience the powerful yet simple technique of Isadora Duncan blending with the study of mythic archetypes and how they animate our psyches.

What to expect at "Processional of the Muses":

•    Brief historical background on the Muses, bringing their story through to today’s moment of Inspiration
•    The Muse Invocation & Prayer for Inspiration 
•    The Muse Oracle – Pull a card and see which of the Muses might be calling you!
•    The Muse Processional – Noble, poetic procession into the Temple of Inspiration with sacred gestures such as the Open Chalice; inspired by Isadora Duncan
•    The Muse Embodiment Ceremonial Dance – Elegant, intentional movement ritual (based on Isadora Duncan Dance) to amplify connection with the Muses
•    Witnessing, Sharing, Improv Circle – What’s coming through?  Space to share, be seen and heard (or not)
Each participant will receive a printable PDF with all of the historical context, images, movements and oracle.


From 5-7 PM, Deonesea La Fey will offer “Temple Dance”.  

Deonesea will share a trance-dance technique for diving deeply into the sacred womb of creation, finding inspiration in our sexuality and re-activating our feminine magnetism.  Her work encourages expression to bubble up from the deep cauldron with primal authenticity – for inspiration, healing and integration.  There will also be sharing at the end.

“Inspired Embodiment” was conceived as a way to help participants refresh their connections to creativity with new inspirations and creative jolts from two innovative teacher/dancer/priestesses adept at weaving the body-mind-soul experiences.  
The whole workshop can be booked for £50; there are ten spots available.


Registration is via Paypal deposit to  


The second workshop day is Sunday, August 14 and focuses on my new stylings for Middle Eastern Dance.  Two contrasting styles will be presented; the first is the elegant Andalusian court dance “Muwashahat” and the second is the Egyptian street-party dance “Mahraganat” 

From 2-4 PM, the “Muwashahat” workshop will offer an elegant choreography to the timeless Andalus song “Lamma Bada”.  Inspired by Mahmoud Reda, this dance features graceful arabesques, courtly hand-scarf work, and beautiful, lifted lines and turns.  Special variations for groups will also be taught for adaptation as a group piece.

From 5-7 PM, the “Mahraganat” workshop features sassy moves to the Egyptian street-party song “Mganenay” by Hassan el Kholaey. Full of fun energy and cheeky surprises, this choreo kept me and dance friends from all over the world entertained, happy and moving during the lockdown!  I'm so happy to bring the effervescent joy of this party dance live to Bristol.

Registration through deposit to Paypal account

Interview with Sophia on the Goddess Conference Podcast:
"Weaving Myth, Movement and Magic for Prayerformance"



Balkanic Explosion 2022.jpg

Ashland area dancers and lovers of world music! Are you ready to have lots of fun immersing into the musical and dance culture of the Balkans? Join my 6-week course at the Grove in Ashland - Thursdays 6:30-7:30 PM from June 9 to July 14.  $60 for the course.

In addition to steps, students learn musicality and historical significance of steps and music, plus ensemble variations. Please wear comfortable clothing and gym/dance shoes and be able to move freely without knee/ankle pain.




The wells from which Sophia's Passion are drawn.

Middle Eastern Dance
White Background

A Life Danced

My whole life, I’ve danced.  Born into a folkloric family in the Balkans, I was initiated quite early into the rhythms, steps, and stories of my cultural heritage and have taken it around the world with me.  

As I've learned and incorporated new idioms into my repertory, one constant jumps out in particular: that dance is a powerful portal into a higher, nobler, more attuned state of being.

I believe Dance is Medicine, Meditation, Art & Spiritual Practice all in one.  When I dance, I drop into the Eternal Now - an embodied connection to Earth, Universe, Ancestry and Archetypes.

I'm glad you're here and honored to share my heritage, work and art with you!


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