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Encounter with the Mothers of Water Retreat - Brazil

2024 Dates: January 26 - Feb. 2

Do your body and soul long to get away this winter to a tropical Goddess oasis with white sand beaches, rainforest, waterfalls and a magical, moving, transformational experience? Email me at and I'll send you the full itinerary!

Come be our guest at beautiful Casa Musa, my temple home of Goddess and Dance retreats since 2010. Situated in beautiful Camburi on the São Paulo coast, the house is well-appointed for comfort, introspection and inspiration, and has housed numerous transformational retreats merging Goddess consciousness and Priestess Arts such as sacred dance, ritual, Goddess-crafting, and Goddess photography portraiture.

A spacious great room houses our retreat temple-space, while guest rooms are tucked away in their own unique spaces. A tropical veranda, pool and patio provide private nooks for quiet time, while the footpath leads to a nearby river and waterfalls. At Casa Musa retreats, we take care of you from start to finish! We'll pick you up at the airport and whisk you away to paradise, where you will enjoy a variety of home-made vegetarian and vegan delicacies made by my husband Thomas along with ample options to enjoy local culture and cuisine.

Our weeklong immersion into the Mothers of Water will feature a series of workshops, rituals and in-nature experiences over the weekend of February 2, the Holy Day of Iemanjá, Afro-Brazilian Goddess of the Seven Seas.

A study of images and lore about Iemanjá and Oxum, Goddess of love and waterfalls is brought to life through Prayerformance workshops based on Isadora Duncan's Universal Dance principles and Water Repertory.

As we craft our dance offerings to the Goddesses, we will also work with the transformational properties of water at the beaches and waterfalls of this region. We will make our dance and physical offerings to Her at the beaches and waterfalls in gratitude for the transformative, rejuvenating blessings of Her salty and sweet waters. As always, our retreats culminate with Goddess Photography, so that you take home treasure images of YOU embodying Her in Her natural setting! Flip through a sampling of the images we generated in January of 2023 below.

So, if you've been curious about Brazil and experiencing Goddess in this unique tropical paradise, this is your perfect opportunity! - Escape winter in the tropics - Gather with like-minded sisters in a magical, tropical Goddess House - Commune with the Mothers of Water through Sophia's unique path of Prayerformance - Rebirth your creativity and deepen your connection with Goddess - Connect with Brazilian friends and experience Brazilian cultural heritage

ONLY SIX SPOTS AVAILABLE! For a full itinerary and package cost, please email me at This is an auspicious time to visit Brazil as the exchange rates are highly favorable to foreign visitors!

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